Our meat is local and ethically farmed. We work closely with our farmers and suppliers; if ever you have a question about provenance then please don’t hesitate to ask. We are proud of where our meat comes from and would always be happy to provide you with any information.


Our suppliers pick out our beef based on our love of what we call ‘just the right fat content’! This means we get the perfect amount of marbling which, when aged for a minimum of 21 days, delivers superb tenderness and flavour. We age all of our beef, including the forequarters, for a minimum of 21 days (although it is normally 28 days before we start to breakdown the carcass). We also offer a bespoke hanging service, so you can get your rib roast aged for 35, 42 or even 60 days depending on how you prefer it.


We make our own burgers on-site which are incredibly popular with both customers and local restaurants. We also have an awesome range of stuffed burgers, the most popular being our Bacon Cheeseburger; our gourmet burger stuffed with mature cheddar cheese and topped with smoked streaky bacon. You won’t regret it…


Our breeds vary every week, although we absolutely love the blend of old fashioned French breeds (which give size and a great muscle ratio) and the more traditional native breeds (which tend to have more fat content which produces quality marbling and consequently flavour).


Typical breeds we have here include Red Poll and Aberdeen Angus, crossed with a Limousin or British Blue. Please ask away and we’ll be able to tell you what we have in on a certain day; all cattle passports are filed away in the office.


Our lamb is selected from Suffolk and Norfolk farms depending on what is ready at the right time. We are lucky enough to have some amazing suppliers on our doorstep and our lamb always proves a hit with our customers!

We trim out our lamb properly, meaning that our diced shoulder is gristle and fat-free. Our legs of lamb are beautifully prepared meaning you get a prime cut, without the waste.


One of our best-selling products are our Greek Lamb Truffles; a lamb kofta mince nest stuffed with garlic sauce and topped with feta cheese, spring onions, red onions and bacon lardons. 25-30 minutes later in an oven and you’ll be transported to Greece!


We solely use free-range Blythburgh pork which is from the Suffolk coast. We have been using their pigs for years and the Butler family are fantastic at developing great tasting pork, with just the right fat content. Our loin chops have that perfect bit of fat to keep them moist and they deliver some great crackling. We also use Blythburgh pork in all of our processing, including our homemade sausages and burgers.


We have high-welfare, RSPCA monitored chickens as well as free-range chickens. Both deliver fantastic flavour and our customers love them. We have a great range of chicken products too; including chorizo stuffed chicken breasts, chicken cushion roasts, lemon pepper crumbed chicken schnitzels and a whole host of marinated kebabs available in the summer months.


On our doorstep lie some amazing producers of local game. Our suppliers have contacts with a number of local game dealers in Suffolk and Norfolk, meaning we can always get exactly what you want when it’s in season. We also have the Rougham Estate just 4 miles down the road. They organise regular shoots during the game season and we proudly stock their pheasants and partridges.


The sign of a good butcher is always their sausage; we’re confident you’ll love them! We’ve won awards at the Nottinghamshire show for the past two years. As well as our most popular Classic Pork Sausage; we also make our Farmhouse Sausage (Lincolnshire-style with sage) as well as our Classic Woolpit Sausage (a traditional sausage using a recipe from the original butcher’s shop in the nearby village of Woolpit, over 60 years ago). We also sell a variety of speciality sausages which we regularly rotate.


Our selection includes:

Marmite and Cheddar

Pork, Leek and Stilton

Full English Breakfast (made with black pudding, smoked bacon, tomatoes and baked beans)

Honey and Mustard (made with honey produced in our village)

Venison, Guinness and Garlic

Hot Habanero Chilli


Sweet Chilli


Pork, Red Pepper and Chilli

Caramelised Red Onion

Pork and Tomato

Gluten Free


We are asked for a lot of different products here; never feel like you can’t ask for a different product or a unique cut of meat. We do all of our butchery on site and as such we have the ability to provide you with any cut of meat.

We also make Boerewors Sausages to order. These are fantastic South African sausages made with a blend of lean silverside of beef, pork shoulder and speck (back fat from the pig, smoked).


We make them to a traditional (and highly secret!) recipe that was given to us eight years ago by a South African customer. At the time, he took these to a Rhodesian boerewor tasting competition and won 1st place for a first-time entry; we haven’t changed the secret blend of herbs and spices since!

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